Package it.sauronsoftware.ftp4j

FTP client implementation


Interface Summary
FTPCodes This interface is a constants container, each one representing a common FTP response code.
FTPCommunicationListener This interface describes how to build objects used to intercept any communication between the client and the server.
FTPDataTransferListener This interface describes the methods requested by an object that can listen data transfer operations.
FTPListParser Implement this interface to build a new LIST parser.
FTPTextualExtensionRecognizer This interface describes how to implement a textual extension recognizer, which can be plugged into a FTPClient object calling its setTextualExtensionsRecognizer() method.

Class Summary
FTPClient This class implements a FTP client.
FTPCommunicationChannel This class is used to represent a communication channel with a FTP server.
FTPConnector This abstract class is the base for creating a connector.
FTPFile The instances of this class represents the files in a remote FTP directory.
FTPReply This class represents FTP server replies in a manageable object oriented way.

Exception Summary
FTPAbortedException This exception is thrown to announce the abort of a ongoing data transfer operation.
FTPDataTransferException Exception thrown if any I/O error occurs during a data transfer attempt.
FTPException This class helps in represent FTP error codes and messages.
FTPIllegalReplyException Exception thrown every time the remote FTP server replies to the client in an unexpected way, breaking the rules of the FTP protocol.
FTPListParseException Exception thrown by the list() method in FTPClient objects when the response sent by the server to a FTP list command is not parseable through the known parsers.

Package it.sauronsoftware.ftp4j Description

FTP client implementation