Class DefaultTextualExtensionRecognizer

  extended by it.sauronsoftware.ftp4j.extrecognizers.ParametricTextualExtensionRecognizer
      extended by it.sauronsoftware.ftp4j.extrecognizers.DefaultTextualExtensionRecognizer
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DefaultTextualExtensionRecognizer
extends ParametricTextualExtensionRecognizer

This is the default FTPTextualExtensionRecognizer for every new FTPClient object. It recognizes as textual these extensions:

 abc acgi aip asm asp c c cc cc com conf cpp csh css cxx def el etx f f f77
 f90 f90 flx for for g h h hh hh hlb htc htm html htmls htt htx idc jav jav
 java java js ksh list log lsp lst lsx m m mar mcf p pas php pl pl pm py rexx
 rt rt rtf rtx s scm scm sdml sgm sgm sgml sgml sh shtml shtml spc ssi talk
 tcl tcsh text tsv txt uil uni unis uri uris uu uue vcs wml wmls wsc xml zsh

These extensions are loaded from the file textualexts within the package. The file can be manipulated to add or remove extensions, but it's more convenient to plug a ParametricTextualExtensionRecognizer instance in the client.

Carlo Pelliccia

Method Summary
static DefaultTextualExtensionRecognizer getInstance()
          This one returns the default instance of the class.
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Method Detail


public static DefaultTextualExtensionRecognizer getInstance()
This one returns the default instance of the class.

An instance of the class.