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feed4j is a feed parser library for the Java 2 platform. With feed4j you can parse XML feeds in several formats and handle them within your Java application through the feed object representation given by the library. Supported XML feed formats are: RSS 1.0 (plus Dublin Core extensions), RSS 2.0 (which includes also RSS 0.91 and RSS 0.92), Atom 0.3 and Atom 1.0 (IETF standard).


feed4j can run on any Java 2 platform version 1.4 or later.


feed4j is Free Software and it is licensed under LGPL (you will find a copy of the license bundled into the downloadable software distribution).


You can send comments and requests to Carlo Pelliccia.

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feed4j is free, but if you find it useful please make a donation via PayPal.

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